Unprecedented access.
Vetted quality.
Lower costs.

Mental healthcare is hard. Meomind makes it easy.
Give your members access to the world’s first on-demand therapy platform. Meomind makes therapy more accessible than ever before.

Mental healthcare is hard.

Therapy works, but it’s inaccessible, expensive, and often ineffective.

No access
Less than 50% of therapists are in insurance networks

Rising costs
52% Increase in mental health spend in past 10 years

Low quality
Less than 20% of therapies are proven to work

Meomind makes it easy.

Meomind expands access to care with the world’s first on-demand therapy platform.

Users listen to pre-recorded therapy sessions between licensed therapists and clients.

Members get unlimited, instant access to hundreds of sessions. Every session is carefully curated, featuring a handpicked therapist practicing evidence-based techniques.

“We know therapy works. However, it is expensive and inaccessible. It’s a question of making therapy work for more people. That’s where Meomind comes in.”

Dr. Bruce E. Wompold
Clinical Advisor, Meomind
Pioneer in psychotherapy research

Real results

Meomind brings therapy to a wider audience. With this instantly accessible format, the barriers to entry disappear.

Thousands of users have found real, effective relief with Meomind.


members improve on PHQ/GAD scores

more effective than other asynchronous options


as effective as psychotherapy

Meomind topics cover 80% of outpatient spend.

Meomind’s growing library features 300+ recorded sessions, grouped in 9 categories. Our clinical team carefully designed categories and problem statements to cover most common issues.

More effective. Less expensive.

Meomind reduces health plan costs while delivering better results than other asynchronous options.


cheaper than therapy


reduced intent to seek therapy

more effective than other asynchronous options

Filling critical gaps in coverage

Meomind complements other forms of mental healthcare perfectly. It’s designed to address critical gaps in coverage, for members whose symptoms are severe enough to need clinical treatment, but not necessarily severe enough to need expensive one-on-one therapy.

A no-brainer for insurers.

An easy, low-cost tool for your mental healthcare toolkit.


Not linked to open enrollment


Scalable across states


Coverage for dependants


Seamless integration; manage referrals


Fast & easy rollout


Proven impact

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