The world’s first on-demand alternative to therapy

Meomind is a new approach to mental healthcare. Meomind makes therapy more affordable and scalable than ever before.

For employers and insurers, it addresses critical gaps in existing mental health resources.


American workers have at least one symptom of mental illness


Workers have actually contacted a mental health professional

Mental healthcare is challenging

People need help more than ever. But robust clinical support is expensive and inaccessible.

Digital therapy platforms can make it easier to find a therapist, but none of them address the core problem: there simply aren’t enough licensed mental health professionals to meet the growing demand.

The world’s first on-demand alternative to therapy 

Meomind provides unlimited access to pre-recorded therapy sessions on topics relevant to the member and supports that with live events, mental health assessments, journaling, chat, and exercises.

With a huge library of 600 pre-recorded therapy sessions – featuring a handpicked team of licensed providers – members can listen to therapy anytime, anywhere.

Listen to a session

I am tired of being the family scapegoat

Jasmine is tired of being bullied and humiliated by her family, particularly by her mother. She wishes to find the courage and the skills to stand up for herself and set proper boundaries in order to protect herself.

Dr. Julie Hanks


I have trouble settings boundaries at work

Lucy experiences a lot of stress at work. She has internalized this belief that she is responsible for everyone else’s emotions while hers fall by the wayside.

Dr. Julie Hanks


I feel unsafe in social settings as a trans person

Jack is a trans man who struggles with boundaries and worries about being in unsafe social situations.

Shani Tran


How Meomind works

Member intake: demographics, triggers, goals, PHQ/GAD

Personalized therapy plan

Members listen to evidence-based therapy sessions

CBT exercises and journaling
Weekly PHQ/GAD assessment

Why Meomind?

Employees Perform Better

  • 42% increased productivity
  • 48% reduced burnout
  • 27% reduced turnover

Insurers Reduce Costs

  • 85% cheaper than therapy
  • 30% reduced intent to seek therapy
  • Preventative care to reduce exacerbations

Members Find Relief

  • 24×7 access
  • Zero friction
  • 80% members improve within 2-3 weeks

Companies love working with Meomind

“We chose Meomind because it fits in seamlessly with the mental health resources we already offer. We love that it can scale as we grow.”

Naveen Bhateja
CHRO at Medidata

“There is a tremendous issue with access to mental health services and Meomind is addressing that gap along with eliminating barriers of stigma, reluctance to share personal issues and the high cost of care. The innovative approach with documented impact fills an important gap in the continuum of mental health services.”

Seth Serxner
Former Chief Health Officer at Optum

“We’ve seen how much employees value mental health support. This is an easy way to provide them an extra layer of care.”

Kishore Kothandaraman
COO at Goldcast

“We use other platforms, too, but nobody else makes therapy so accessible.”

Rehan Khan
Regional Managing Director at Merck

“Meomind costs companies a fraction of what most mental health platforms charge, and it offers something that nobody else is doing.”

Stephane Panier
CEO at Better Manager

“We know therapy works. However, it is expensive and inaccessible. It’s a question of making therapy work for more people. That’s where Meomind comes in.”

Dr. Bruce E. Wampold
Clinical Advisor, Meomind
Pioneer in psychotherapy research

When therapy is accessible on demand, the barriers to seeking help disappear. 

600+ recorded therapy sessions addressing 80% of mental health needs



Self Growth & Confidence

Healthy Relationships

Family & Social Life





90% of people aren’t getting mental health care. Meomind is built for them.

“I’ve never tried mental health care, and I’m not sure about it.”
Meomind is a perfect intro to therapy. Explore without feeling vulnerable.

“I’ve tried mental health care, but it didn’t work for me.”
Meomind is quality-controlled and evidence-based, with 24×7 access.

A member experience that promotes access and engagement

A digital health platform only works if members love to use it. We designed Meomind to be a delightful, frictionless experience, so members can focus on their personal growth.

Therapy on demand 24x7

Members pick from a growing library of 600+ therapy sessions, so they have access to therapy anytime, anywhere.

Personalized Treatment
Meomind’s machine-learning model creates individualized care plans for each member, tailored to address their issues.
Quality care

We work with leading, licensed providers practicing proven, evidence-based methods, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), emotion-focused therapy (EBT), and positive psychology.

Tools to grow

Meomind encourages active learning with a variety of clinical tools and resources, like journaling and CBT exercises.

A member experience that promotes access and engagement

Thousands of members love Meomind

Thousands of members love Meomind

Meomind Member Stories

Featured In

Featured In

Partnering with Meomind is quick and easy

Not linked to open enrollment

Scalable across states

Coverage for dependents

Seamless integration & referral management

Quick guided rollout

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