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Why Meomind?

Anytime, Anywhere: Explore at your own pace. Listen whenever you want.

Totally Anonymous: No payment info, no insurance claims.

Handpicked Therapists: We have a small team of carefully vetted mental healthcare providers.
Community: You’re not alone. Listen to like-minded users who share your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Meomind

What is Meomind?

Meomind is a mental health benefit provided through your employer. Meomind provides unlimited access to recorded therapy sessions on topics relevant to the user and supports that with live events, mental health scores, journaling, chat, exercises, and diversity focus. The clients in these sessions are people with similar issues to yours and the therapists provide specific, actionable recommendations that the listeners can try for themselves.

How much does it cost?
Meomind is a health benefit that is available FREE of charge to you.
Are my dependents covered?
Yes! All your dependents are covered FREE of charge. They can all make their individual accounts on Meomind.

How does this work?

How do I get started?

Download the Meomind app on App Store and Play Store, input your access code, and start listening to therapy!

Will my employer know if I use Meomind?

Absolutely not! We take the privacy of our clients extremely seriously and do not share any personal information with employers.

How can I be sure that this works?

Over 80% of our users who listen to sessions improve on their anxiety and depression scores. Check out our reviews on AppStore and Play Store!

Does Meomind replace therapy?

No. Through Meomind, patients listen to evidence-based therapy with licensed mental health professionals. Our users find Meomind to be highly accessible, high quality and inclusive.

How is Meomind effective without a therapist-client relationship?

There is a relationship between a patient and a “healer” (and program) even when the healer is not present, is virtual, is vicarious (Meomind), or is even known to be a bot (humans are complex!). The relationship by itself is not therapy. The relationship is absolutely essential but so are specific therapeutic actions.

How are therapists selected and verified?

Meomind verifies that every therapist is independently licensed in at least one state. Every mental health professional at Meomind goes through a rigorous selection process led by our clinical team. They are evaluated on clinical protocols, empathy for patient and communication expertise.

Who are the patients in the sessions I’m listening to?

Clients are current or former patients who have gone through or are going through these symptoms and working hard to feel better. We do not share any personal details. The names of the clients have been changed to protect their privacy. However, their stories and emotions are real.

How do I know which sessions to listen to?

Based on your profile preferences, we recommend your specific sessions. Check out your “recommended for you” page to see what sessions have been curated specifically for you or you can pick sessions on your own.

How does live chat work?

You can chat 24×7 with a real person who can help you navigate…

Does Meomind have providers who share my lived experiences and social/cultural identities?

Yes! You can choose your own therapist based on gender, race, and specialization.

Is Meomind web accessible?

Meomind is accessible through Play Store and App Store. We do not support session listening on our webpage.


Success Stories

I felt like it was me talking. I was on the edge of tears. I felt like I’m not alone in this, and that I am not crazy.
Molly, 23

A good therapy session is one where I realize something on my own and that definitely happened in the sessions I listened to.
Sam, 22

I got more out of this than my 8 therapy sessions combined. The client was speaking my exact words.
Rachel, 32

It is hard for me to find time for therapy given my family circumstances. Listening to your sessions at my convenience has been tremendously helpful.
Lisa, 43