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that actually works.

Elevate your organization’s mental health through on-demand, recorded therapy sessions. Clinically effective and scalable.



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Give your employees the help they need

Meomind solves typical problems that stop people from getting therapy. Employees who don’t get mental health support at work are more likely to burn out – or quit.

Employees with a mental illness don’t get therapy because…

  • It is difficult to find a therapist
  • Therapy is expensive
  • Stigma

With Meomind…

  • Listen to a variety of handpicked therapists, instantly
  • Zero co-pay, zero co-insurance
  • Therapy is totally anonymous, right from a smartphone

Addressing critical gaps

Meomind uses recorded psychotherapy to address the huge range of mental health issues that aren’t covered by meditation and self-help apps, but not necessarily severe enough for expensive one-on-one therapy.

Meomind is the only clinical mental health solution that is truly scalable and cost-effective

Psychotherapy Mindfulness & self-help Meomind
Clinical content
High efficacy
Low cost
Zero waiting time
Consistent quality


Therapy anytime, anywhere

Meomind provides an extensive audio library of recorded therapy sessions with handpicked, licensed therapists.

High quality care

100% evidence-based sessions with top-tier licensed therapists.

Therapy for everyone.

Meomind has a vast library of sessions to cover every issue.

We have a library of 600 therapy sessions covering everything from depression to trauma to work-related stress.

We add new sessions every month, all from handpicked, licensed therapists.

Experience the ROI of evidence-based psychotherapy, now at scale

Reduction in employee turnover

Increased employee productivity
Reduction in employee burnout
Reduction in annual medical spend per employee

How It Works

You share eligibility files for your employees with Meomind.

We send a launch email with a special access code to those employees.

Employees log in and start listening to therapy!

Immediate help, unlimited usage

21 days

Average wait time to seek therapy

0 secs


3-16 sessions per year

Max usage per employee




Average cost of psychotherapy 


Meomind has no costs to employees.