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Therapy for everyone

Our mission is to provide a billion people with instant access to the benefits of evidence-based psychotherapy.

Our Story

We created Meomind because we needed Meomind. Each of us has stories about how therapy has changed our lives. But we also have stories about struggling to find a good therapist, not having access, or not knowing where to start.

We asked ourselves a crazy question: Can we provide personalized, evidence-based therapy – on demand, 24×7? And can we make it scalable and affordable, too? That’s how Meomind was born.

Leadership Team

Anni Kelley-Day

Clinical Lead

Krissy White

Director of Clinical Operations

Emmalee Meing

Director of Clinical Content

Sushant Gupta


Makan Amini


Aditya Ashar

Chief of Staff

Advisory Board

Backed by advisors with deep knowledge and world-class credibility in mental health, digital programs, and business

Dr. Bruce E. Wampold

Clinical Advisor

Dr. John C. Norcross

Clinical Advisor

Naveen Bhateja

Strategic Advisor

Dr. Seth Serxner

Strategic Advisor

Shira M (Lee) Butler

Strategic Advisor

Dr. Julie Hanks

Clinical Advisor

Our Investors

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