Low cost, on-demand mental health solution
at unlimited scale

Meomind gives members instant access to high-quality recorded therapy sessions at the lowest cost possible, so everyone gets the help they need, whenever they need it.



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Faster, lower-cost therapy

Meomind is far less expensive and much faster than provider networks.

  • Average Cost: $75 for 60 mins of therapy
  • Wait Time: 21 days
  • 80% cheaper than provider networks
  • Wait Time: 0 secs

How it works.

Meomind provides an extensive audio library of recorded therapy sessions with handpicked, licensed therapists.

Scalable – but also personalized.

With a hybrid machine-learning approach, Meomind ensures that every member gets an experience that’s tailored to their needs.

How do members get personalized treatment if everyone is listening to one huge library of therapy sessions? Data!

Our machine-learning model is based on over 200,000 data points from existing user behavior. We use it to guide users toward personalized session recommendations, so everyone sees the most relevant content.

High quality care

100% evidence-based sessions with top-tier licensed therapists

Less than 10% acceptance rate for therapists
Only evidence-based therapy, primarily CBT, DBT, and EFT
Content reviewed by top psychotherapy researchers in the US