Happier employees
Higher productivity
Lower costs

Choosing mental health benefits is hard. Meomind makes it easy.
Give your employees unlimited access to the world’s first on-demand therapy platform. It’s scalable, affordable, and complements your existing coverage.

The easiest benefits decision you’ll ever make

See why companies love Meomind

“We chose Meomind because it fits in seamlessly with the resources we already offer. It complements our EAP perfectly.”
“It’s a no brainer. Therapy is typically one of the most expensive and inaccessible interventions in mental health. Meomind makes it frictionless.”
“We’ve seen how much our employees value mental health support. This is an easy way to provide them an extra layer of care.”
“It was very easy to deploy Meomind for our team. We love that it can scale as we grow.”
“We use other platforms, too, but nobody else makes therapy so accessible. Our employees love it.”

Why is therapy so hard to access?

More workers report symptoms of mental illness than ever before. But only a small fraction get effective clinical treatment.

Long wait times

21 days waiting time to see a therapist

Out of network

Less than 50% of therapists are in insurance networks

Low quality, unproven methods

Only 20% therapies are proven to work

Investing in your people always pays off

Employees in mental distress are less productive, raise healthcare costs, and quit more often. Investing in mental health is good for business.

Empower your team with evidence-based therapy – on demand.

The best mental health benefits are the ones your employees actually use. Meomind makes evidence-based therapy more accessible than ever before. Increase retention, improve productivity, and reduce healthcare costs with the world’s first on-demand therapy platform.

With Meomind, your team can listen to therapy, anytime, anywhere. Employees get unlimited access to the Meomind app, featuring a growing library of 300+ pre-recorded therapy sessions with handpicked licensed therapists.

Why is Meomind right for you?

Meomind solves the biggest issues in mental healthcare with easy access, high engagement, and curated quality content.


No long wait times due to shortage of therapists


Improves retention and fights burnout


Lowers expenses significantly compared to traditional therapy


Equitable access for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities


Extensive library covers 80% of outpatient needs

Filling critical gaps in coverage

Meomind complements other forms of mental healthcare perfectly. It’s designed to address critical gaps in coverage, for employees whose symptoms are severe enough to need clinical treatment, but not necessarily severe enough to need expensive one-on-one therapy.

How Meomind works for your company

How Meomind works for your company

Onboarding & managing Meomind is fast and easy


Not linked to open enrollment


Scalable across states


Coverage for dependents


Seamless integration & referral management


Quick guided rollout

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